billy’s table.

billy’s table is a wood fire kitchen offering natural whole foods connecting the land, sea and earth with fire. Enjoy our sweets, house made beverages, coffee by 5 Senses and so much more.

We keep the food as natural as possible, using the best of the seasons produce and not interfering with the ingredients true integrity. We want to take you back to a time where the fire and wood naturally burn your food and give you the maillard crust effect. That all natural blackened char taste and look.

Although our dishes are "made today and gone today", you will find some of our signature favourites like our wood fired pumpkin with goats cheese, nigella & sumac, our popular quiches and of course our freshly made hand-stretched wood fired pizzas.

We also have an extensive range of local growers wines and our states best craft beers.

So sit back and relax with the sounds of the vinyl & enjoy billy’s table.

Connecting earth & fire.

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Who is Billy?

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he's the man behind the menu - Adelaide born chef Billy Petropoulos has become a global cooking sensation, opening over 40 restaurants in his career in more than 8 different countries, serving up cuisine to celebrities and royalty. travelling and working extensively for years in London, Europe, Asia, Japan, Korea & the United States, it has created his desire for writing, developing new products and recipe research. 

growing up as a young child in a Greek migrant family, Billy had no intention to become a chef. his mum had a love for cooking & baking and his father a genuine grower of organic produce, honey, wine, olive oil and olives. It was no surprise that ultimately the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Billy has previously operated a cafe on Queen Street, and has now returned to offer a menu based on his global experiences, techniques and inspirations.